Internet Marketing: Finding Your Success Online

For most internet marketers, finding success online can be one heck of a journey. For some, success seems to come relatively easy, getting to 5 figures per month in just a few months, while for others it can be years before they are even making any money worth talking about. There are others yet that never even make a dime online, struggling to figure out what they are doing wrong and how they can make this darn internet marketing thing work. The funny thing is, I have been all 3 of these people, so when I say internet marketing can be one heck of a journey, you know that is coming from personal experience.

My first year or so getting into internet marketing, I made absolutely nothing. I was constantly reading and learning and jumping from tactic to tactic, method to method looking for that “silver bullet” that would instantly propel me to success. After that first year I realized that there was no magic bullet and I needed to pick a method and work hard.  Within a couple of months I had created a niche website that was ranking in Google. It was consistently making a few bucks of Adsense everyday.  So I decided to create an ebook to sell on the niche site which started making me another hundred bucks per month. I was not getting rich, but I was finally seeing some good money and seeing it consistently.

Fast forward another couple of years and I FINALLY realized if I really wanted to grow my business I needed to start creating my own products, building a list and networking with other marketers.  Within a few months of focusing on this, I finally became that guy who was making 5 figures in a month. It still is not happening consistently, but I am almost there. It is where I currently am in my internet marketing journey and it has been a long tough road, but I stuck through it, maintained faith and learned and applied a whole lot along the way. I am excited to see what my path will be like in the next couple of years. With everything I have learned, the connections I have made and with a detailed plan in place I expect to grow immensely in the coming years.

But that is enough about my journey.

Maybe you are just starting your journey or maybe you are a couple of years into your journey, already making a bit of money, but wanting to take it to the next level. No matter where you find yourself, I wanted to share with you some of my advice on what I could have done and what you CAN do now to speed that journey up, dodge some potholes and start reaching the goals that you have set for yourself and your business. I was actually inspired to write this post after reading an awesome E-book called FATAL Internet Marketing Blunders that made me realize some of the mistakes I was making early in my journey and some that I am still making that I can fix and will have an almost immediate impact on my income.

1) Avoid Chasing BSO’s

If you aren’t familiar with the term BSO, it is an acronym marketers like to use that stands for “Bright Shiny Objects”. BSO’s are the new reports and guides that are released everyday, they are the new “secret” traffic technique you just read about or the new business model your friend just told you about. In a nutshell, they are all of the things that will distract you from whatever path you are already on and have you jumping from business model to business model before ever making real progress on the model you were already on. Often times, people will jump from one model to another right before they were about to start having major success with what they were doing.  That is why it is so important to avoid BSO’s as much as possible unless they are directly related to and will add to or improve on whatever model you are focusing on. Before you change models, make sure you have focused on one long enough and with enough passion to determine whether it will be a successful or un-successful model for you. It can be difficult to do when you are not seeing any results for months, but the payoff can be huge.

2) Avoid Busy Work

Busy work is comprised of things like checking your e-mail, chatting on Skype, checking your Facebook, organizing your files, reading blog posts, reading guides, watching webinars and posting in forums. A lot of these activities are ok as long as you minimize them and don’t do them all at once. A lot of these activities are ok as long as you minimize them and don’t do them all at once. A good rule of thumb that I have used is if you want to spend 10 minutes on Facebook, then make yourself complete 30 minutes of productive work FIRST. If you want to read an e-book that you think will really help you improve your business in some way, then promise yourself that you will spend at least 30 minutes afterwards implementing what you learn. You have to make yourself accountable for the time you spend doing things that can be considered busy work.

3) Not Having a Funnel

If you are selling products or building a mailing list in any niche, then you have to be building out a funnel that will take your subscribers through a sequence of messages that will enable you to build trust and eventually start selling to your list. It can seem a little daunting at first to write out a whole sequence of messages for your list, but the thing is, you do not have to write it all out at once. Treat your funnel like a work in progress. Start with a couple of messages introducing yourself and bringing your subscribers into your world. Then show them a low cost offer that you know they will love, then when you find another offer that you know would be great, write a couple more free content messages related to the offer, then introduce the offer to them.  Add 1 or 2 or 3 messages every couple of weeks and before you know it your funnel will span multiple months and be setup to make you money on autopilot. All you will have to do is keep getting subscribers into your funnel.

This is one of the most profitable things that you can do in the long run. Just imagine if you had a funnel that was 100 messages that spanned a 1 year time frame in a very passionate and hungry niche. In the entire funnel you have over 20 offers, many of them that convert very well. If you had that setup and made an average of $10 per subscriber through the whole funnel, would it be worth it to pay $1 per subscriber that you get in your funnel?  I know you know the answer to that.  Usually you can get subscribers for a lot cheaper than that too.  Do you see the power of building a solid funnel. This is something that I am working to implement better in my business and I am excited to start seeing the rewards.


So why did I pick these 3 tips for you to get down the road to success in your internet marketing journey? The reason I chose these is because they are 3 things that I need the most work on in my own business, so I wanted to talk about them and hopefully help some others that could be making the same mistakes. I hope you will take these to heart and continue on your journey. If you want it bad enough and follow advice from those a little further down the road than you are, then you WILL get there.

I would love to here where you currently are on your journey and where you want to end up. At least leave a comment and say hi!  🙂

Keep pushing and fighting the good fight!

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